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Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Being a 45-Pound, single celled-organism that is neither liquid nor solid but a colloidal suspension, Gloop is a humanoid pile of gloo that can take any shape at will. Gloop has bright white eyes and an Anti-GravityProjector that allows him to be mobile in Earth's gravity and also projects his voice. His brain is spread throughout his body.

Gloop has no nose and an amoeba-like shape. His Anti-Gravity Projector has been redesigned and the MAHARAJA symbol is on the top of it. Gloop is able to generate and shoot slime from any part of his body. The slime he generates can either be viscosity oil or non viscosity oil. He can shoot it in continuous streams similar to a water hose or in blob-like projectiles. He is even capable of spitting out either slime or oil despite having visible mouth. Gloop can stretch, bend and deform himself into any shape or form. Gloop can regenerate and rebuild himself with ease. Gloop can survive in intense heat. Gloop can show his emotions through his change of eyes.

Gloop has no leg tough he can be levitate from earths surface by the help of Anti-Gravity projector.

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