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Advertising promotes idea, goods and services. Although most advertising is designed to help sell goods, it is being used increasingly to further public interest goals. Advertising is identifiable with its sponsoring authority and advertiser. It discloses or identifies the source of opinions and ideas.

An advertising campaign is a series of advertisement messages that share a single idea and theme which make up an integrated marketing communication. An IMC is a platform in which a group of people can group their ideas, beliefs, and concepts into one large media base.
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Gifty Voucher of INR.3000 has been awarded to the royal consumer of CRYSTAL DIAMOND OIL.

Bottle Campaign

So in the year 2021st January, we had done a sample marketing campaign throughout south coimbatore that spent nearly a lakh. That showed a great result for us. The idea is simple like the other brands or a company distributes notices to the consumers where what we have done is, we have given notice which is inside the oil bottle (without oil-empty). 

Why were we given bottles with notices inside?


Simply distributing notices doesn't make the marketing stronger. So we made marketing a little bit stronger to attract and get the attention of people. Not only did we distribute the empty bottles and also we stuck the bottles inside the compound wall of every house(10,000 houses) so people could easily find the bottle and look for what it is. That made the people curious and began to contact our company and the explanation given to each and every customer who contacted us. Imagine a bottle hanging inside of your house compound wall with a notice. How would you react and how do you feel about it? Even the thought would be negative as well as positive. You may think whether it is a bomb or even an advertisement or posts or information or something else. By that the company name and also brand name has registered in the people's mind which they never forget in their lifetime. Like this type of marketing we call it guerilla marketing.


Crystal Diamond shining bright in Coimbatore

Innovative displays amplify the brand’s ‘pure and natural’ offering.

Crystal Diamond edible oil brand, belonging to Maharaja Oil Mill, has launched an OOH campaign in the city of Coimbatore to promote its“100% Pure and Natural” groundnut oil offering. The campaign, executed by Skyrams Outdoor Advertisings, features innovative displays like a back-lit cut-out of a large sized Crystal Diamond oil bottle replica placed alongside bus queue shelters. Similar innovative displays have been executed next to digital screens and pole kiosks.



"We only thought of a simple campaign but the approach which Skyrams suggested seemed like an idea that will get us noticed and they came up with that Big Bottle idea. Marketing team of CRYSTALDIAMOND knew the tricks of the trade and effortlessly executed this campaign." Mohamed Ismail, Managing Director of Crystal Diamond said.


Why did we implement second marketing in that area?

Because the first guerilla marketing was done only in south coimbatore. Then the second guerilla marketing is done in central coimbatore. The south people will definitely visit the GH and as well as the racecourse in any way. But even the north coimbatore people also visit near GH for a visit to ukkadam floating bridge. The people in government jobs like Judges, advocates, state government police, and also central government navy officers and military men and the VIPs visiting to 5 STAR HOTELS like Taj Vivanta etc... would be vissibled to them.


Crystal Diamonds turns to innovative OOH to promote its Groundnut oil

A Popular Oil Manufacturer makes an innovative move in reaching out to potential in their new campaign

Crystal Diamonds, a popular oil manufacturer has launched a highly visible OOH media campaign for its groundnut oil in Coimbatore. The mandate for the campaign has been awarded

The core campaign objective is to build brand awareness for Crystal Diamonds oil. OOH medium is the best suited avenue for the brand to effectively get maximum relevant consumer eyeballs for a product category that has traditionally low consumer involvement.

A set of innovations emphasising on product-pack has been a redefining approach and fresh for this product category. Larger than life product packs placed on Digital Screens, Bus Shelters and Pole Kiosks is a first of its kind. With carefully analysed media plan, every media unit is contributing to the overall impact of the campaign and making the brand the most visible on outdoors.

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